As new technologies disrupt existing industries, it has become far less likely you'll spend your entire working life on one career path. The fast-evolving work landscape means you'll change careers several times, and you probably have already.

Each career change requires learning new skills, oftentimes quickly. As a result, **the ability to acquire new skills quickly and thoroughly has become the differentiator between a meaningful, progressive career and being left behind.

This pace of change has kept traditional education systems unable to catch up. In its place, new learning models like online courses have grown in popularity over the past decade helped by growth in internet connectivity and digital content creation.

However, the bright promise of online courses is often dulled by the absence of live learning, lack of community, and poor engagement which together contribute to low completion rates averaging just 13%.

We are fixing this. Cline is the all-in-one platform for building engaging learning experiences.

Drawing from the early model of apprenticeship, we've built Cline around the concept of learning studios.

Each studio is a multi-functional space where professionals and creators can bring in their audience — in cohorts or on-demand — create course content, host live classes, and build community.

We've set out to enable life-changing learning experiences so everyone, everywhere can acquire the skills they need to grow.

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Early apprenticeship. Source

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